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WISH is dedicated to helping you optimize your own health by using your unique biochemistry as a guide.


Research tells us that optimized blood biochemistry can have far-reaching effects on one's health, energy levels, memory, digestion, quality of sleep, level of fitness, the balance of hormones, and proper immune system responses. It is even related to achieving improved performance in your sport of choice!

Many health goals can be made possible by adopting lifestyle changes that meet the needs of each person's body, mind, spirit, and personality. By reviewing your blood biochemistry, Dr. Sandy and her team will offer you a list of choices- sort of like a personalized menu.


This menu of lifestyle choices may include individualized dietary or nutritional options, pH adjustments, hydration approaches, daily movement, sleep hygiene or stress relieving activities. All choices offered have been shown through peer-reviewed research to address and balance specific biochemical needs. All that needs to happen is for you to choose your program from your menu!

By optimizing your health, weight, energy, strength,

and mental clarity, it is our deepest WISH that all your dreams come true!


Initial Consultations last for 2 hours which can be broken up into shorter sessions if needed. You are encouraged to

meet with Dr. Sandy first for a free fifteen-minute phone consultation  (by appointment only and subject to availability) to help determine if our services are appropriate for you.

WISH has set very high standards for our Team Members and therefore each Member has received extensive training.  Once you have determined you would like to continue, o ur Members will help you schedule your consults, fill out New Client Forms and follow through with any additional steps along the way.


In addition, our website is designed to be interactive and provide many free resources in a user-friendly manner. And if you need additional assistance we are just a phone call away.



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