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The Unfortunate Truth About Toxins in Our Environment and Their Impact On Your Body: What Can You Do?

Learn more about the problems and the ways you are being exposed and ways you can reduce your exposure so that you can better protect yourself. Discover the connection between toxicity and weight loss. You may find some surprising answers to your weight loss challenges. Have you tried to lose weight by dieting, only to rebound and gain it back? Dr. Sandy will shed some light on the biochemistry of what's going on in the body and why this happens. Plus, Dr. Sandy will share what she does every year for her annual spring cleanse. Upcoming Soon. 

Cancer Prevention and Control

Join Dr. Sandy, as she explores why people are getting cancer and what you can do to avoid being one of those people. Dr. Sandy dives deeply into nutritional support for detoxification and supporting the body during anti-cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Learn what you can do to protect yourself against cancer and what you can do to support your wellness journey if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Upcoming Soon.

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