The Beginning Steps


The first step you will want to take is a 15 minute consultation with Dr Sandy so she can better understand your area(s) of concern. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to finding a time that works for you.


A Customized Program

Dr. Sandy will take the information you have discussed and create a customized program to address lifestyle, nutrition, and diet to assist in achieving your ultimate vitality. 


It may be necessary to order blood-work if none has been done in the past 12 months. Staff members will be happy to walk you through the process of how best to accomplish this, even if you are not insured.



Length of Program

Every individual responds to programs differently and therefore there is no one set answer to this question. Remember it took some time for the body to present your concerns, so it will also take time for the body to work through those concerns. That being said, progress is often noticed within a few days of starting a program.


As healthy options are being introduced, staff members and Dr. Sandy monitor progress through follow up appointments. We are passionate about your return to health and are readily available to answer your questions. 

Dr. Sandy offers:
  • Online Video Lectures and Webcasts

  • Specialized Classes in Womens' and Mens' Health 

  • Broadcast interviews (Radio, Podcasts, TV)

  • Community Lectures in Your Hometown

  • Health Retreats

  • Individual Consultations

  • Facebook Live 

I love how you always answer my questions and involve all of my concerns in your responses.

Thank you for your generous time and dedication to finding a resolution.

You have become a treasured resource.



Initial Private Consultation


  • Should you choose one of the individual consultation packages, you will meet privately with Dr.Sandy for 2 hours to design your health and wellness program based on her analysis of your blood test results and health evaluation.

  • Dr. Sandy will help you to understand a myriad of choices of how you might use diet, supplementation or lifestyle choices to balance your individual blood biochemistry in order to optimize your health.

  • Dr. Sandy will use her expertise in science and nutrition to show you the most rapid way to bring your body back into balance naturally in order to optimize your health.

  • The next step will be yours. You get to choose which of the choices given will work best for you taking into account your own personality, lifestyle, preferred foods, etc.

  • After your appointment, you then do your best to make those changes happen. Often, we can help you understand how to make those choices as easily and pain-free as is possible. Follow-up appointments are to monitor your results and to fine-tune your program. 

  • Follow-Up Consultation Packages are Available on Request



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