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Pelvic Health Transformation Program

Have you noticed a change in your ability to control your bladder or bowels? Have you noticed pain or discomfort during intercourse? Pelvic organs dropping or falling? Should you be worried? Up to 50% of all women are dealing with some form of pelvic floor dysfunction and as many of 78% of all mature women - means almost  everyone is at risk! 

The Mystery is Over! Understanding Female Sexual Health

Introducing a new way of thinking about female sexuality. Fostering ways of caring for yourself that foster deep and compassionate relationships not only with yourself but with your partner as well.


Pregnancy and the Pelvic Floor

Thinking of having a baby soon? Are you expecting or have you delivered recently? Learn how to protect your pelvic floor from damage when giving birth and discover how to aid your body in recovering rapidly and completely after the birth of your baby. With so many new moms at risk for urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and long term postpartum sexual pain, this information is essential to your good health.

"I see each individual as a facet of the diamond of all of life and so the suffering of just one person effects us all." 

Dr.Sandy Bevacqua

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