Is Incontinence Causing you Embarrassment?  Are your Pelvic Organs Noticeably Dropping?
Is Pelvic Pain and Discomfort Ruining Your Sex Life?


It turns out that all these problems have One Thing in common, that's a Weak or Unhealthy Pelvic Floor. 

Addressing the Health and Strength of the Pelvic Floor is 
Essential to Solving These Problems!

Instead of Months or Years of Confusion Trying to “Figure it Out” on your own, You Can Get this Done NOW and Focus on Having the Life You Want…



  • Learn about the details of your pelvic floor in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


  • Be a member of a team and chat with other woman in the program all working to the same end.


  • Be guided by health care professionals giving you step-by-step instructions to repair and strengthen the tissues of your pelvic floor through exercise, diet, nutrition and the  empowerment of education.


  • Automatically receive all of the essential class materials, tools and videos you’ll need  without additional cost or bother as part of your program.


  • Experience the safety, community, nurturing environment, and empowerment of an exclusive all-women program.

You will join Dr. Sandy  for live  training calls which will give new information and guidance for your at-home practice to support you in every aspect of reclaiming your pelvic health. 

We will visit how diet, individual nutrients, posture and daily habits can profoundly affect your pelvic floor. 

Each training class you will receive a handout which will include your monthly homework assignments, accountability assignments, checklists, and workbook assignments to help you regain identify pelvic muscles, build them up and heal your pelvic floor.

"Dr. Sandy, I want you to know that because of this class, my husband and I have continued our physical intimacy that we hadn't had for years and years...what a great joy for both of us!!    To say the least, he is ecstatic and so am I!"    ~ C. from NY  (age 70)

"This class has been so valuable to me! It has already paid for itself. I've spent so much money going to physical therapy and I just don't think they knew the exact things for me to do. I wasn't getting any better after months and months of putting everything I had into it. Thanks to this program, I've learned so much about my body and feel like I'm finally on the right track!"     ~M. from Tx. (age 39)

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